“You can sense the mischief in her images” 
- Martin Parr ︎

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Nosey Parker 
Threes A Charm 
Two Sitting Ducks 
Out of Order

You’re in America Now, Honey

In Bloom

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Lifes a Beach

Three Rum & Pineapples

Urban Playtime

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“You can sense the mischief in her images”
- Martin Parr

Hannah Platt
Leeds, UK

︎ hannahbplatt@gmail.com

I’m an early career Photographer based in Leeds. My voice is a vital one to the British Documentary tradition, and the North of England. I document history & change of cities, towns and communities in a captivating & charming way, and the joy and humour that sits at the core of Yorkshire and beyond. Graduating from Leeds Art University (BA Hons in Photography 2014) I have since developed my photography style, book making practice and networks here in Leeds.

I have self-published 7 sold-out publications in the last decade, distributing worldwide & stocking nationally. After the success of my self published catalogue I was approached by Bristol based photobook publishers RRB Photobooks to publish my most recent project ‘Nosey Parker’, October 2022. The success of Nosey Parker has been phenomenal. The book was launched at Books on Photography Festival at the Royal Photography Soceity earlier this year, and Martin Parr wrote the foreword to the book.

Recently I’ve exhibited at Dutch Design Week, Bound Art Book Fair -Whitworth Gallery, Bop Festival at MPF and The Photocopy Club, London. 

Alongside my practice, I work as a Creative Producer for Leeds based arts organisation East Street Arts.  Where I lead on image concept and branding, as well as supporting other artists with their printed projects. Here I have worked directly with community groups - Leeds Palestinian Film Festival, Burmantofts Senior Action Group and The Neighbourhood Summer School.

I have a studio space at Patrick Studios where I spend a lot of time editing & sequencing, printing and binding for future projects. 

If you have any projects you’d enjoy working with me on, please get in touch...I love collaboration and I’m always looking to get my fingers in more pies. 

Press & Article Features
Amateur Photographer Magazine - Nosey Parker Critique 
“I’ve no idea what Platt's nose is like but I know she has an eye, her photographs are like punchlines to Peter Mitchell pictures. They are often bright graphics and full of mischief, a sideways glance, a knowing wink and a nod that raises a wry smile.”

Digital Camera World -  Nosey Parker
“This colorful and quirky depiction of a northern English county captures the mundane, the magical and everything in-between”

Leeds Arts University Feature - Nosey Parker
“Hannah’s love for Leeds is clearly apparent in this uplifting and beautiful book. Her inquisitive nature, keen eye for the overlooked in addition to her humour and warmth, seeps through these colourful depictions of our great city.”

Nice People Magazine Feature - Out of Order
“The self-published photobook captures the nation's ability to go through life with a kindly wink and a two-fingers-up attitude. With intelligently curated pages, Platt affectionately presents timeless iconography in modern Britain.“

Sunday Mornings at the River Feature - You’re in America now, Honey 
“Her photographs focus on the conjunction of human imbedded interventions within the urban landscape, italicizing the colors, shapes and patterns formed by urban architecture, telling stories of the city and people who inhabit it.“

Source Magazine Feature - In Bloom
“With blossom trees' ephemeral stay the project captures moments that may be gone tomorrow, a poetic suggestion to appreciate everything in life, don't let things go by un-noticed.“

Risograph Printing @ Convention House, East Street Arts. 2022
Photo by James Connolly

Me in my studio @ Patrick Studios, East Street Art 2021