“You can sense the mischief in her images” 
- Martin Parr ︎

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“You can sense the mischief in her images”
- Martin Parr

Crossing Sectors #3
With the Open Eye Gallery 

Spring/Summer 2023

I have just completed the Open Eye Gallery 'Crossing Sectors #3' training programme as part of my ongoing learning and professional development. Receiving my DYCP funding has allowed me to dedicate a day a week to gaining a better understanding of what a socially engaged photography practice looks like.

Crossing Sectors #3 arrived just at the right time, allowing me to learn amongst peers and other like-minded photographers about the essential criteria needed to guide co-creation within a community setting.

The training programme included healthy debate, discussion, space to connect and a very varied session structure covering equality, diversity & inclusion, climate care, self-care, and how to approach legacy and safeguarding.

I feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of such a nurturing and welcoming learning space, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me.