“You can sense the mischief in her images”

Please, Take a Seat...

My brand new project ‘Take a Seat’ is here!
Project launch and exhibition - 29th February 2024, Patrick Studios LS9 7EH

I’ve kept these cards close to my chest for long enough - they’re screaming to be played with. So here we are, my brand spanking new printed project….✨’Take a Seat’ ✨!! I’m so so excited to share this one with you! I’m done with books, its playing cards only from here on out.

‘Take a Seat’ is my playful collection of found chairs, seats and stools scattered across Naples, Italy, from Spring 2022. There’s no better way to celebrate this one, other than sitting, sharing and playing.

So please join me as I release them into the wild for the first time on Thursday 29th February 6pm-9pm, down at Patrick Studios LS9 7EH for an exhibition of the work and to pick up your very own deck.

This project has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve created, yet one of my favourites. I really couldn’t have done it without a handful of special people… massive thank you to @andysandwich_ for the cheeky card design, and for always being so kind and patient with me, a massive three cheers for @a.dgill for making them look so damn good, you’ve smashed it, c’monnn look at those photos(!!!) and finally to @jamesconnollycomedy & @katherineamitchell for all the bits in between, you’ve held me together during the moments of defeat. It can feel really isolating making work as an artist sometimes, it’s been so comforting having you all on this with me. Thank you! .

All the important details:
Classic deck of playing cards
54 photos
Smooth gloss finish
Precious edition of 100
All signed and numbered
Preorder £28 / General £30

Pre-orders here, if you’re coming along to the show use JOKERPICKUP on checkout to remove the postal fees.

Cover design inspired by Pasquale de Stefano who independently sign-writes for every market stall across Naples.

Thank you thank you thank you!! 🃏