“You can sense the mischief in her images”

The One with the Purple Gate 

For Katherine, my housemate and best friend
Edition of 2, hand stitched and bound photobook

A bit of a sentimental one from me… After five beautiful years and just before we got to grips with the bin days myself and my dear friend Katherine closed the door to 6 Lumley Terrace for the last time.

Sadly a couple of months ago we heard our landlords were planning to sell. Anyone that knows me well enough will know how grateful we both are of the time we had there - It has housed so many memories, it’s been our constant through years of change. A place we’ll cherish forever. I’m slowly settling into my new spot, but It already feels so strange not starting and ending my days there, it kind of feels like we’ve said goodbye to an old friend.

It’s really special that a place can make you feel like that.

As a thank you to Katherine and a way to bottle up what we’ve shared whilst living together, I’ve made my first hand stitched and bound photobook… “The One with the Purple Gate” a collection of photos all taken from my bedroom window over the last five years of living at Lumley Terrace.

“We’ve had lockdowns, break ups, break ins, one night stands, a forever full glass bin, neighbours who are now friends, two very very handsome cats, (Toby & Jasper you’ll live long in our tales), and a cherry blossom tree that reminds us year after year how precious time is. We’ve grown up in this house, it’s been comfort in times of need, and I can’t imagine returning anywhere else with a Glastonbury emotional come down.“

Edition of two, embossed window frame cover detail, includes 44 photos printed on munken paper with tracing paper end papers and wrapped with rosemary from the garden.


I’ll miss you Lumley Terrace.