“You can sense the mischief in her images”

Dutch Design Week  

Graphic Events: At the Asphalt-Level

21-29 Oct - Eindhoven
I was incredibly pleased to be asked to be involved in Graphic Events: At the Asphalt-Level, during this year's Dutch Design Week over in Eindhoven.  I took of photo of Brighouse’s Chemist earlier this year, which sat alongside the work of other artists, practitioners, and general lovers of all things type...

Graphic Events: At the Asphalt-Level

Everyday graphics are often faded, misplaced, and torn, they act in ways that we wouldn’t say are by design. At the Asphalt-Level takes seriously the feeling that graphics are dynamic moments that are always going on. The series of photographs and film stills bring attention to the peculiar ways that mundane graphics exist and the unusual ways they are encountered in daily life, they are typical of what James Dyer and Nick Deakin call “Graphic Events”.

Chris Ashworth
David Carson
James Dyer
James Wise (Sweat of The Gods)
Joseph Hughes (Typography is Real)
Lost Weekend, Dir. Billy Wilder, Paramount Pictures, 1945
Mark Edwards (DR.ME)
Nick Deakin
No Direction Home, Dir. Martin Scorsese, Paramount Pictures, 2005
Patti Smith, Dream Inn
Robert Brownjohn, London Street Level BW 0072
Steven Izenour, Car View of The Strip with Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, 1968
Wytze Hoogslag (Fockups)

Thanks for having me Nick & James!