“You can sense the mischief in her images”

June Diary 2022


Glastonbury Festival

This month I received a copy of ‘Graphic Events: A Realist Account of Graphic Design’ which I’m honoured to be featured in.

Graphic Events is a book of essays, interviews and photographs about the ways that graphics go on living beyond the intentions of their designers. Edited by James Dyer and Nick Deakin. Foreword by Alex Coles. With contributions from James Williams, Patrick Thomas, Fraser Muggeridge, DR.ME, Textbook Studio and Teal Triggs. Postscript by Johanna Drucker.

Said featured photo - Wild Wild West, York Rd, Leeds. 

I paticulary enjoyed the chapter  ‘The Trivial, the Clumsy and the Magnificant’ - which I think a lot of my photos fall under.